My Time as a Monkey

Isobel Anderson

I joined the Profit Monkey team in June 2018, taking on the role of Social Media Executive. When I reflect on my time as a Monkey, it’s clear how much I’ve learned already.

The great thing about working for a marketing agency, especially a small scale one, is that you get stuck into all sorts of areas of the job. One day you’re designing, the next you’re writing a blog post. For someone like me who loves to be busy, and gets bored of doing just one thing, it’s perfect! Being a sociable person, I enjoy the aspect of work that means going out and meeting people – meetings with clients, industry events etc.

Starting a new job is always a learning curve, and you will make mistakes along the way, especially to start with. Learning from your mistakes is essential, as is being part of a team that helps each other out when something goes wrong. Having a great working environment, and a supportive team can make a huge difference to your productivity, attitude, and energy.

At Profit Monkey, to make sure we’re all in the loop with our projects, we always have a team meeting on a Monday where we catch up on Monkey activity. We review the previous week’s achievements, and the upcoming week’s goals. Although we keep each other updated regularly, a Monday meeting is very productive and motivates us for the week to come!

We also make time for cake on a Friday, and office treats like this build morale and gives everyone a chance to chat and relax together. I am looking forward to much more Monkey Business coming up!