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  • Promotional materials
  • Email marketing
  • Lead generation

Launching a new product

Profit Monkey were happy to help with the marketing of FOS Dental System – a product developed as a solution to teeth clenching and grinding. We supported the product launch with a suite of literature, for both patients and dentists, set up social media channels, and created a series of engaging email marketing campaigns. Profit Monkey continues to support the business by nurturing leads to pass on to the sales team as well as maintaining their existing website.

Profit Monkey have really supported the promotion of the FOS product, through both B2C (solvemyheadache) and B2B marketing. It's a huge help to have one agency engaged across both audiences to ensure messaging is correct, and there is consistency across the visuals and branding, despite the different target audiences. The team are incredibly supportive and go above and beyond my service level expectations. I would recommend them to any new business looking for a helping hand.

JP Allport-Parkinson, CEO - FOS Dental System

How we helped

Supporting a new product launch is always exciting, and to support a product being marketed to both consumer and business markets really gave the team at Profit Monkey something to get their teeth into. We spent a lot of time with the client understanding the industry landscape and of course, the product USP’s which have allowed us to effectively market the FOS product to dentists and dental technicians alike – not just in the UK, but Globally!