• Web design
  • Social media
  • Print materials
  • Event management


Profit Monkey were really excited to take on the marketing of this new product specifically for patients, and designed to solve headaches and migraines caused by night-time teeth clenching and grinding. We designed and launched a website, developed a suite of literature, for both patients and clinicians, and set up profiles across multiple social media platforms. Profit Monkey continues to support the business by nurturing leads to pass on to the sales team as well as maintaining their website with regular blog posts, and even taking on the organisation and management of events.

Profit Monkey offered a very positive experience. The team listened very closely to my requests and completed a perfect website design aimed specifically at the consumer. Social media management has been spot on with the generation of some really innovative posts. We're already seeing the reward of our investment. We continue to work with Profit Monkey as they organised local events around the country to generate more and more interest in our product.

JP Allport-Parkinson, CEO - FOS Dental System

How we helped

Solvemyheadache set out to run an educational evening event with lecture, and Profit Monkey were only too happy to handle this project. From scouting venues to designing promotional materials, we were on hand every step of the way. As Solvemyheadache plan to roll out more of these events across the UK, Profit Monkey are excited to continue with them on this venture.