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Giving a new business a flying start

Heather approached Profit Monkey after a word of mouth recommendation. She had recently passed a number of health and beauty qualifications and was taking the leap from employee to business owner. Profit Monkey worked closely with Heather to get a real feel for the kind of services she wanted to offer (holistic, and treatments specifically for those with illness) and developed branding, a website and all print materials to reflect this.

Highly recommended.
Professional, approachable and very efficient. Profit Monkey took the burden of website design and management off my hands allowing me to focus on other aspects of starting up a business. From the start I felt confident that Profit Monkey understood my business approach and did a fantastic job of all of my requirements from website to brochures, flyers and business cards. Thank you.

Heather Bennet-Williams, Owner - Body Care & Beauty

How we helped

When Heather got in touch with Profit Monkey, she was still working as an employee and hadn’t yet made the leap into the world of ‘Business owner’. This was a really busy time for Heather as she was juggling a full-time job, family and studying to complete her qualifications to be able to offer very specific treatments to her future customers. Profit Monkey set about understanding the type of business Heather wanted to run, who her future clientele would be, and the environment the treatments would take place in. After much discussion, we established the colour theme for Heathers treatment room – rich purple with accents of cream and brown. These colours led the design of the logo, along with the fact that Heather wanted to take a very holistic approach to her treatments – it was about the whole body and wellbeing – something that the logo reflects. The website was deigned to incorporate these colours but also reflect Heather’s clear treatment options and pricing, and the pride she takes in the quality products she uses on her clients. Since developing the website, Profit Monkey have provided Heather with business cards, a price list, event flyers, gift vouchers and loyalty cards. We can’t wait to work with Heather again on future projects to help her grow her business!